Did you know you can safely cleanse your body of toxic metals with FDA approved EDTA? We find ourselves today existing in a far more toxic and hostile environment than our bodies were designed to handle. Experts have shown that almost every health problem... from learning disorders to heart disease is caused or aggravated by exposure to dangerous toxic metals. "Human exposure to heavy metals has risen dramatically in the last 50 years as a result of an exponential increase in the use of heavy metals in industrial processes and products," says Maile Pouls, Ph.D (Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, July 1999).
A recently concluded "Body Burden" study by New York's Mt. Sinai Hospital and the Environmental Working Group was reviewed by University of Oregon Professor Joseph Thornton: "It shows the universality of chemical contamination of people's bodies," Thornton said. All the studies "confirm the general message that everybody in our society has these chemicals building up. Some people have it worse than others, but everyone has it. No one is clean anymore." (From Being Careful Can't Keep Chemicals Out of Your Body, Miami Herald, February 1, 2003.)
Today we know that about one out of every 2.4 Americans will get cancer. Plus it is estimated that over ninety percent of cancer is caused by toxic chemicals. When 50% of all men and 33% of all women living now will die of cancer, something is terribly wrong. (Mortality from cancer was reduced by 90% during an 18-year study of 59 patients treated with Calcium-EDTA.) Whether heavy metal poisoning comes from pollution, cooking utensils, deodorants, pesticides, etc., all have a devastating effect on the human body.
EDTA Chelation: Chelation (pronounced key-lay-shun) is the process by which a metal or mineral (such as lead, mercury, iron, arsenic, aluminum, etc.) is bonded to another substance... in this case an amino acid called EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid). It is a natural process, basic to life itself. During EDTA chelation therapy, EDTA bonds with unwanted metals in the body and quickly carries them away in the urine.
Long Safety Record: EDTA chelation therapy for the detoxification for heavy metals has been in continuous use since the 1940s when it was introduced specifically for the treatment of lead poisoning. It was very quickly observed that as the metals were eliminated, not only did the signs and symptoms of lead poisoning abate, but problems related to the circulatory system like heart attacks, angina, strokes, and peripheral vascular disease also improved. For the past 60 years, well over three million people have received EDTA chelation treatment.
FDA Approved: Studies have shown that as people age they continuously accumulate toxic metals: lead, mercury, aluminum, iron, cadmium, and arsenic, among others. The accrual of these toxins invites an increased risk for various diseases, especially heart disease. The less of these metals we have in our bodies, the more likely we are to be physiologically healthy or simply feel good, and the lower our risk for heart disease. Because EDTA is so effective at removing unwanted metals and other minerals from the blood, it has been the standard, FDA-approved treatment for lead, mercury, aluminum, and cadmium poisoning for more than 50 years. EDTA normalizes the distribution of most metallic elements in the body.
Also Good For Your Heart: EDTA helps prevent heart attacks, stroke, varicose veins, and more by inhibiting blood clotting. Because EDTA inhibits blood clotting so well, it is routinely added to blood samples that are drawn for testing purposes. Inhibition of blood clotting can help prevent stroke, heart attack, phlebitis (painful inflammation of a vein), pulmonary embolism (potentially fatal clot to the lung), or varicose veins. Generally, these conditions are associated with aging.
Lowers Cholesterol: EDTA can help to lower cholesterol, the principal component of atherosclerotic plaque, by improving calcium and cholesterol metabolism. Dr. Garry Gordon, the pioneer of oral EDTA chelation, relays one experience: "I had a patient at Stanford University who could never get her cholesterol below 500. Once she started taking 6 tablespoons a day of the EDTA-based chelation formula, she got down to 200. So this stuff can work wonders."
And Strengthens Bones: Some people may assume that EDTA depletes the body of needed calcium. However, when EDTA lowers blood calcium, it also stimulates the parathyroid gland to produce a hormone called parathormone. This hormone is responsible for removing calcium from places such as the inside of arteries and depositing it in the right places, such as bone. So, chelation makes you physiologically younger because it moves calcium from your arteries and makes your bones stronger. Dr. Gordon comments, "The more chelation we give people, the less osteoporosis they have and the less calcium accumulation there is in their blood vessels."
Partial List Of Toxic Metals:
Aluminum: Aluminum can be found in drinking water, antiperspirants, baking powders, feminine hygiene products, cow and soymilk, baby formula, antacids, aluminum foil, old cast aluminum pots and pans, and backpacking (camping) aluminum cookware. It accumulates in the skin, bones, brain, and kidneys and has been linked as a cause of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.
Arsenic: Arsenic is found in cigarette smoke, laundry detergents, beer, seafood and drinking water. It can cause headaches, confusion and sleepiness. Arsenic can damage the kidneys, liver, and lungs.
Barium: Barium compounds are found in soaps, ceramics, paper, glass, plastics, textiles, dyes, fuel additives, rubber, paint and pesticides. Had medical imaging procedures? Barium enemas are used to get a good x-ray picture of the large intestine. Barium toxicity can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. 
Cadmium: Cadmium is found in soft drinks, cigarette smoke, water softeners, seafood, rubber, motor oil, pesticides, fungicides, and poly-vinyl plastics. Cadmium can cause chronic fatigue syndrome, hair loss, high blood pressure, edema, arthritis, kidney stones and impotence.

Lead: Lead is found in cosmetics, plastics, batteries, gasoline, insecticides, pottery glaze, soldered pipes and paint. Lead accumulates in the brain, spleen, liver, kidneys, and bones. For each 30 mcg of lead in a child's blood, his or her IQ drops 10 points. The danger from lead exposure is so significant, that the EPA recently enacted extremely strict standards for home remodelers when working on older homes with lead paint.

Mercury: Each amalgam dental filling in your tooth releases up to 17 mcg of mercury every day. This increases up to 500 mcg with the smoking of cigarettes, the drinking of hot liquids, gum chewing, acidic saliva or the grinding of teeth at night. Mercury accumulates in the brain, heart, kidneys, and endocrine glands and can cause depression, autoimmune diseases, memory loss, tremors, anemia and heart attacks.

Nickel: Nickel is found in stainless steel cutlery, pots and pans, coins, dental fillings and batteries. It accumulates in the bones, kidneys, liver, lungs, immune system and the brain. Nickel can cause genetic damage and cancer.

Uranium: Uranium is a radioactive element that disintegrates eventually into lead. There have been over 2,000 nuclear detonations on our planet since Hiroshima casting uranium into our atmosphere, not counting events like Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and the Japanese reactors. Radioactive materials can cause cancer and birth defects.

EDTA chelation therapy is effective, safe, convenient and affordable.
Due to its safety, the FDA does not require a prescription for EDTA purchases in the U.S.

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